Private network for virtual airlines

The Hades network

Hades is a private network containing several virtual airlines that we choose with care.

Once registered in our systems, the administrators of each virtual airline can manage all of their contents (routes, fleet, branches, users, events, tours, grades, penalties, pages, etc.) in a pleasant and optimized way using the WordPress back office.

Our entire infrastructure is fully secured, regularly updated by our DevOps, and can accommodate up to several hundred users simultaneously for each hosted virtual airline.


Based on WordPress

Find the simplicity and the efficiency of a worldwide recognized content management system !


Trust our DevOps to keep your website safe, up to date and take advantage of all our updates in real time.


Quickly join our network, and use quality materials while benefiting from reduced costs !


You want renewal, modern systems and more than complete ? You want to have a regularly updated website both in terms of technology and legislation ? You own a virtual airline and wish to join the Hades network ? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us by joining our Discord server !